Ossama Al Hosain and all the connotations a German has, when hearing a name. Look closer. Every person has their own story, or two, or three….

Ossama Al Hosain has lived in Berlin for the past 2 years. He is a musician, comes from Syria and studies Engineering in Berlin.

As part of this year’s LibraryOfStories2017 filmpremiere, in the Berlin-Saal of the Berlin City Library, we invited the audience again to share their story in a live story telling event. On the theme of “My life in Berlin”, this story was told live in front of an audience on the 11th of December 2017.

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“Guck noch mal genauer hin,” Berliner Grossstadtgeschichten, accessed August 5, 2020, http://grossstadtgeschichten-berlin.de/items/show/1016.

Look closer (German with English subtitles) from ZLB on Vimeo.

Dezember 2017
Look closer, Ossama Al Hosain


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