The "Köpenicker Blutwoche" (The Köpenick Bloodshed week) in June 1933 was one of the earliest examples of the terror of the national socialistic SA. Actions of torture and attempted murder are considered as the genesis of violence and domion of the national socialists, to which police, judiciary and civil society did not oppose.
A stonelike fist in the heart of Köpenick commemorates this week and is object of controversial culture of remembrance.
The continuum of continuously renewing history and its remembrance is contrasted by the play of three young women: A play, linear, but not only forwardlooking, but also backward, a connection between individual and shared experience of history of the protagonists.

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“Blutwoche (Annika Hirsekorn) ,” Berliner Grossstadtgeschichten, accessed April 1, 2020,
Oktober 2016
Blutwoche, Annika Hirsekorn


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