In my film, I am reflecting two nights of homelessness that I spent here in Berlin. In both nights I was witness of the way, police is dealing with homeless people.

I spent the first night at Görlitzer Park and was shocked, that quite a few people search for shelter there. The next morning, before the rose, the police came, woke the people up and sent them away. I suppose, that they wanted them to be invisible ot residents and tourists.

The second night I spent at the Cuvrybrache, out of solidarity with the expelled people there. They had lost their home due to the closing of the place. And again, before sunrise, we were woken up by the police. One of us was awakened by being beaten into the face and was seriously injured. (Laura Muskalla)

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“The Cleaning,” Berliner Grossstadtgeschichten, accessed May 26, 2019,
Oktober 2016
The Cleaning, Laura Muskalla


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