Abou Samih is a man from an Arab village in South Lebanon. He was forced by the 1975 Lebanese war to flee his country and the dearest playgrounds of his childhood.
He lived in Berlin during the division period and he also witnessed the reunion of Germany.
Abou Sami is 70 years old now, and he still goes, each week, to Berlin airport watching the aircraft movements and dreams of returning to his homeland.
Returning however to a country, in reality, still torn into pieces because of war and its bad effects on people and land.
Even if he is back, he will heal live another expatriation.
His country's features have changed and nobody from the new generation will recognize him because people of his age are either killed by the war machine or immigrated just like himself to different destinations looking for a safe refugee or an alternative homeland.

Hassan Alkhalaf is a journalist living in Berlin since 2015.

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“Foreignness and Nostalgia,” Berliner Grossstadtgeschichten, accessed June 26, 2019, http://grossstadtgeschichten-berlin.de/items/show/885.
December 2016
Foreignness and Nostalgia, Hassan Alkhalaf


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