My name is Hasan Alkhalaf from Syria, I live in Berlin since 2015, and the subject matter of my short film is a Syrian cultural club named Salam, which was established in Berlin 2015.

Likewise several associations, the main mission of Salam is to connect the new arrivals with the German society in many ways; it helps the refugees to get started a new life in a big city like Berlin, starting with giving them advices about the German laws and passing through a special assistance at filling applications and how to find a shelter.

It is also remarkable as being an urgent requirement; Salam works on explaining the German laws of asylum and residence, and to guide and to link them with the right German side, for example training education. as well as to introduce the educational system in its all levels and to help the families translating the school letters. As a part of German society, Salam plays a role to get the new arrivals integrated by promoting and creating cultural events to introduce the Syrian as well as the German culture.

In short, Salam is a small Syrian house that gathers all its various Syrian parties far from home. A visitor of Salam can sense the warmth of the place and the value of meeting. Salam tries to plant the hope of a new Syria, where all the various parties can share their dreams and plans to have a new peaceful country.

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“Salam e.V.,” Berliner Grossstadtgeschichten, accessed October 17, 2018,
Dezember 2016
Salam e.V., Hassan Alkhalaf


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