Jana talks about Anton, who is playing music in the metro stations of Berlin for 10 years already. Anton arrived in Berlin from Moscow, with 50 Euros and no place to stay. Actually, he has never arrived in Berlin and he wants to leave Berlin soon.

Already Erich Kästner wrote about Anton, and about Puenktchen, his best friend.

This film was created as a LiveStorytelling in the Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek on December 7th 2016 during the evening "Arriving in Berlin" in the context of the topic room "Syria - Berlin" and of the project #LibraryOfStories.

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“LiveStorytelling: Anton (Jana Kühn),” Berliner Grossstadtgeschichten, accessed January 28, 2020, http://grossstadtgeschichten-berlin.de/items/show/907.
LiveStorytelling: Anton


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