This film tells the story of my grandmother who was born in the borough of “Berlin-Reinickendorf”, in 1937. She experienced the Second World War from a child’s perspective. In this several hours long interview, my grandmother talks about her experiences during the war, now reflecting those memories from an adult’s point of view.

For the purpose of this 3-minute-film, I decided to juxtapose two excerpts from this interview, which I found to be very moving and evocative in their respective ways. They further reveal historical detail, which has often been omitted from other portrayals.

The project originates in a collaboration with “Theater.Macht.Staat” und “Kinbom & Kessner”.
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“Weiße Stadt,” Berliner Grossstadtgeschichten, accessed January 22, 2018,

White City (German with English subtitles) from ZLB on Vimeo.

Dezember 2017
White City, Sonja Kessner


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