Tamin came from Syria to Berlin, three years ago. He worked as an interpreter in the “Tempelhofer Feld” accommodations for refugees and in his free time he engaged the children and young people in social activities.

Many young men who came to Germany as refugees, feel the pressure to function straight away within the new society, in order to provide also for their family members back home, who were not able to flee. Bureaucracy and law though make it impossible to earn money for a long period after arriving. This is creating a situation in which young people might be deceptable to selling drugs.

One spring afternoon, a touching moment occurs, when a police woman encounters a young Syrian man and in the end everyone is crying. In his film, Tamim tells us about this moment of humanity so that we do not forget the importance of always choosing humanity when we have that choice.

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“Ein Moment der Menschlichkeit,” Berliner Grossstadtgeschichten, accessed April 23, 2019, http://grossstadtgeschichten-berlin.de/items/show/974.

A Moment of Humanity (German with English subtitles) from ZLB on Vimeo.

Dezember 2017
A Moment of Humanity , Tamim Mhana


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