When I moved to Berlin, I was very surprised about the party scene and the freedom you have here. In Syria, I was used to a communal lifestyle close to nature and realised that also in Berlin, there seem to be a lot of people for whom community is important.

After a while though, I started rotating and my thoughts became depressive. It was almost like a “come down” from a lot of drugs. It stayed like this, until I found my way again by motivating myself with small things. Making music and learning German.

My name is Rasheed. I am 22 years old, I come from Syria and I have lived in Berlin for 2 years. I left Syria to gain new chances and experiences in life.

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“Wieder neu,” Berliner Grossstadtgeschichten, accessed January 23, 2022, https://grossstadtgeschichten-berlin.de/items/show/996.

New Again (German with English subtitles) from ZLB on Vimeo.

New again, Rasheed Abainy


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